Countertop Repair & Modification Specialists

Repair... Repolish... Renew

DB Polishing specializes in repairing, sealing, repurposing and restoring Corian, solid surface, engineered stone/quartz, marble and granite surfaces.


  • Crack/Chip Repair

  • Drilling Faucet Holes 

  • Granite/Corian Repolishing

  • Granite Clean & Seal Packages

  • New Appliance Adjustments

  • Sink Replacement

  • ​Seam Repair

  • Top polishing

  • Restoration and Repurposing of Material 

Please contact us for a free estimate. 574-551-6589

These guys know what they are doing and are top notch. We just purchased a home and granite was installed wrong and shifted, liquid nails was used to install it looked bad. They were able to get the slabs off the counter and reinstall. They look like new!! I will not use anyone else in the future! 

 Jeff W. (Roenoke, IN)

D.B. Polishing


 Nappanee, indiana