• Natural material coming straight from mother earth. Having been given her special touch this material is not uniform and impossible to duplicate.
  • Granite is extremely durable and has a high resistance to heat.  Hot pans are no problem for these tops. 
  • Granite is the most popular material for countertops
  • Solid Surface, also referred to as Corian, consists of natural minerals compacted together to provide seamlessly integrated countertops. 
  • It is resistant to stains and heat resistant up to 212 degrees.
  • Renewable and repairable; scratches or cuts can be professional sanded or refinished.

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If these three words help to describe your project, then you have come to the right place. We want to help you make smart decisions when it comes to purchasing countertops for your home. Our specialties include natural stone materials, granite, marble, Corian and Quartz. We work with the best fabrication shops in the area to make sure we are meeting your material and time frame needs.  Please contact us for an estimate. 574-551-6589


  • Manufactured from crushed quartz that is mixed with pigment for coloration and resin as a binder. The quartz content is typically 92% to 94%.
  • The coloration of quartz is more consistent and available in a plethora of colors. 
  • Easy to maintain, no sealing required.

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