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A few years ago, well I guess more than a few now, when working for a full service countertop business the same issues continued to arise. Tops were fabricated in a timely and accurate manner but the company kept losing money on return trips to customers houses or business because of template or installation issues. Individually they were very minor issues, some silicone that needed wiped here, or a stove cutout that wasn't square, back splash that needed to be cut down onsite, a side that needed to be polished, but when looked at collectively, it was a major "costly" problem. 

That problem is where D.B. Polishing was able to become a solution. We offer fabrication companies a highly trained and experienced team for templates and installation.

Let us provide a second team that you don’t have to keep on the books when times are slow, you don’t have to train, buy shirts for,  and heck you don’t even have to invite us to the company Christmas party.  DB Polishing is company you can trust us to uphold your high standards for customer service and quality countertops!

If you would like to discuss how we can partner to meet your needs, give us a call at 574-551-6589.    

Template and Install - Where it all began

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